Release notes february 2024

At Lexerta, we base our developments mainly on the wishes and requirements of our customers and users.

Several times a year we release new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Extended information for changes to be assessed Belgium

As soon as an article in a particular legislation changes, we now clearly indicate which article it concerns. We also provide additional information on this change. This will help to quickly and accurately assess the change for relevance and subsequently re-evaluate the compliance status if necessary.

Following updates and additions will lead you straight to the changes:

  • Adjustment of publication date of change
    The date for a change to be assessed has been adjusted to the effective publication date of the change document describing the change. This only applies to the dates of future change documents. Documents included so far still show the date of insertion in our database.
  • Link to change document
    The change document (publication in the Belgian Official Gazette announcing the modification of a particular legislation) can now be opened with a single click

    • via the icon in front of each line in the overview of all changes to be assessed
    • on the detail page of a change to be assessed
    • at the bottom of the detail page of a register line
  • Link to related news item (if available)
    If a news item is published with regard to a certain change, this is immediately displayed on the detail page of a change to be assessed
  • Link to changed articles
    For changes to an existing article, a direct link to the version comparator of the article in question is added. For new articles, a link to the added article in the legal text is added.

The above updates are visible only for new changes. Changes submitted prior to this release will not be updated.

Informatie tab


Archiving audit template

It is now possible to archive an audit template that was used previously to create an audit. An archived audit template can no longer be selected when creating a new audit. This way, the list of templates can be kept up-to-date and clear without old templates constantly getting in the way.

Archiving from register line detail page (BE)

The function to archive a register line was previously added in the register line overview. Now it is also possible to perform this action from the details page of a registry line.

Bug fixes

Registers – Compliance

  • For Belgian customers, the navigation arrows at the top right of the detail page of a register line did not take into account archived register lines. This has been fixed.
  • When linking a register line to a theme, if the drawing pin was clicked an error message appeared, this has been fixed.

Task manager

  • If a recurring task had an owner that was deleted (inactive), and then the task was completed, an error message was displayed and the next task was not created. This has been fixed.

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