Pharius. The online compliance tool for QHSE professionals.

Our online compliance tool can be fully customised to your situation, needs and wishes thanks to separate modules.

One central place for all laws and regulations

Demonstrably compliant.

Every company must comply with laws and regulations. But which ones exactly is different for every organisation. That is why Pharius is built on a modular basis. This means that you can tailor your online compliance tool completely to your situation, needs and wishes.

One thing is certain: with Pharius you quickly understand the health & safety, environment and food safety legislation and regulations that apply to your organisation. And you will be and remain demonstrably compliant.

Pharius Register

Legislation and regulations in comprehensible language.

Changes in legislation and regulations on a silver platter

Complying with your legal framework starts with insight into the legal requirements that apply to your organisation. With Pharius you can easily create a clear register containing all relevant legislation and specific requirements. Every day, Pharius checks for you whether there are any relevant changes and informs you automatically.

Database with enriched legal content

We think a tool is nothing without content. And that is why we have been managing all laws and regulations ourselves since 1994. We have a database of legal content, which our editors enrich for you. We make complex laws and regulations understandable and accessible. That makes interpreting these legal texts much easier for you.


Record how you comply with laws and regulations quickly and easily.

With Pharius Compliancemanager you categorise your organisation’s compliance obligations into themes that suit you. That provides overview.

  • Clear dashboard and online reporting function
  • Evaluate a whole theme at once or per register line
  • Changes on a silver platter


Demonstrably compliant.

With the Taskmanager in Pharius, you involve the whole organisation in the QHSE policy. Set (periodic) tasks for yourself or your colleagues and create engagement and awareness

  • Easily schedule recurring inspections, checks or other tasks and receive automatic reminders.
  • Use completed tasks as proof of audit or certification.
  • Clear dashboard and reporting functionality.


Demonstrably compliant.

With Pharius Auditmanager you show the management, the authority, the Auditor or yourself how you have integrated (legal) requirements in your organisation. So you are always and everywhere ready for an audit.

  • Perform any audit internally
  • Organise audits around a specific theme, set a deadline and assign it to a person
  • Use our ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 check questions


Insight into risks.

With Pharius Riskmanager, you involve employees in a safe working environment. Anyone can report safety risks with the RiskReporter app. Manage these notifications in Pharius and secure them in the compliance register.

  • Collaborate on business risk mapping.
  • Everyone in the organisation can report unsafe (work) situations.
  • Clear Notification Dashboard and Reporting functionality.

Must haves

  • Company-specific documents

    Add company-specific documents such as permits or business requirements.
    Fully integrated, including links to all referenced laws and regulations.

  • Reporting functionalities

    Make use of the dynamic and clear reporting functionalities.

  • Partner network

    Pharius has an extensive partner network so we can always help you with the right specialist knowledge.

  • RiskReporter App

    Simply download RiskReporter for free.

  • Roles and rights

    Compliance only a QHSE department party? Really not. Pharius offers roles and rights functionalities.

  • Online support

    Of course, we are always there for you. You can consult our online guide 24/7, send us a chat message or call or email us.

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Branche register

Start with a branch register relevant to your organisation. You won’t be starting from scratch, but you will already have a large part of the obligations relevant to your organisation in your register.

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With accessible and interactive training courses we guide you through all the ins and outs of Pharius. From basic functionalities, latest features to being demonstrably compliant. Everything you need to get off to a good start.