• Maintain an overview

    Create an overview of and insight into which laws and regulations are relevant for your organisation, location(s) or business activity.

  • Changes on a silver platter

    A change overview without unnecessary information, with a view of only what is relevant for you, perfectly clear.

  • Quick insight into the right requirements

    A decisive summary of the laws and regulations in comprehensible language immediately with one click. It’s clear to you at once what requirements result from the laws and regulations you have included in the register.


  • Manage quality assurances clearly and easily

    Document your obligations clearly by topic. Complete them with burden of proof and tasks.

  • Work on compliance together

    Easily assign (periodic) tasks for you and your colleagues. You see the status of each task at any time you wish, even if you have to work from home.

  • Audit? Respond with your login

    Make the compliance of your organisation, location(s) or business activity demonstrable with this module. Up-to-date, simple and reliable. Wherever you are.


  • Database

    All the (inter)national legal content focusing on occupational health & safety, environment and food safety from one source. Managed by Lexerta, so it’s reliable.

  • Company documents

    Your company-specific documents such as permits added to your account. Fully integrated, including links to all the laws and regulations referred to in these documents.

  • Case law

    With both Dutch and European case law, Pharius helps you with the correct interpretation of laws and regulations.

Other functions

  • Dashboard

    Take action directly from the dashboard. Everything at a single glance, up-to-date and clearly presented.

  • Secure, reliable and sustainable

    Accessible everywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, secure and always up-to date, good helpdesk, certified and sustainable datacentres.

  • Collaborate

    Different roles, different rights. Work together with your colleagues on being demonstrably compliant. The subscription allows an unlimited number of users.

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