Pharius. The online compliance tool for QHSE professionals.

With Pharius, complying with laws and regulations is no longer a QHSE department’s responsibility alone. Collaborate, demonstrate how you comply and easily stay ‘on top’ of all changes.

Full control of QHSE compliance with Pharius

Your organisation always demonstrably compliant

Create insight into the legislation and regulations that are relevant for your company and easily keep track of all changes in the register. Our extra modules make it even easier for you to be and remain demonstrably compliant. Per company, location or business activity.


Record how your organisation complies with legislation and regulations in a simple and clear way and add evidence.


Easily set (periodic) compliance tasks for yourself and your colleagues. With this, you always have an overview of the status of each compliance task.


Demonstrate the compliance status of your organisation, location(s) or business activity in Audits and ISO-Audits.


Working safely starts with understanding the risks in the organisation. Ensure a safe working environment and prevent risks.

How compliant is your company?

To ensure that everyone can go home safely at the end of the day.

European organisations have to comply with laws and regulations, imposed by European or government bodies or the organisation itself. Keeping track of (and complying with!) those legal requirements often turns out to be a time-consuming activity. Fortunately, it can be done differently. Pharius gives you insight into the QHSE compliance status of your organisation:

  • You immediately see where the priorities are, so you can act on them quickly;
  • You only receive changes in legislation and regulations that are relevant to you;
  • You can easily set tasks and thus involve people throughout the organisation;
  • You can easily conduct periodic internal audits;
  • You can identify and easily manage security risks.

Keep a grip and save time. So you can focus on your core tasks.

For whom is Pharius?

Pharius is the answer for organisations with environmental and safety risks that affect employees, customers and their environment. They can rely on complete and up-to-date legislation and regulations within the fields of health & safety, environment, energy and food safety. We make these obligations simple and practical for you.

The online compliance tool Pharius gives you quick and easy insight into the compliance status of your organisation. You save time, create certainty and you can quickly and easily meet the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000.


What our customers say

“In the beginning we had a whole bunch of legislation that I had to filter myself, which took a lot of time. By setting up Pharius for our company and using it correctly, the relevant legislation and changes suddenly came to me! That suddenly made that bucket of legislation much more clear and manageable.

“The ISO 14001 auditor was very appreciative of Pharius and was not yet familiar with this. The fact that you are able to show that you know what your compliance obligations are as a company and also be able to show HOW you are covering them in the same system is incredibly valuable.

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“I had an introduction to this compliance tool in Deventer and was enthusiastic about all the possibilities. With my background in IT, I looked around for other solutions. But I couldn’t find this all-in-one solution anywhere else. Most other packages do not provide a basic register. Sebastiaan implemented Pharius together with Oostkracht10.

“That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Pharius. With this I can indicate per subject which pieces of legislation and regulations belong to it and how I have secured this into my management system. I was immediately sold. They haven’t seen me smile so often and tell me so enthusiastically at work about anything. What I’ve seen now, this is really great.

“Because we wanted to present our permit situation in Pharius too for the upcoming audit, we decided at the last minute to have these documents included. The flexibility and speed with which our company’s documents have been added to our account, fully integrated, was fantastic.

“With a number of new functions, such as the expanded task module and management cockpit, the customer easily gets insight into whether he or she is compliant, and where possible areas for improvement lie.

“Pharius helps us work efficiently in identifying the really relevant changes. Consequently, we can now even send our customers notes on changes every four weeks, including advice on implementation. They can then assess and handle these in Pharius themselves, where and when it suits them. Ideal.

Want to experience Pharius for yourself?

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