Dutch legislation in plain language – This is how we do it

HSE Compliance – made easy: That’s what we do at Lexerta. Each department contributes to this in its own way. From product development, we provide smart features in the tools Pharius and RiskReporter. Our accountmanagers and service department helps customers with training, brancheregisters and a well-equipped knowledge base. Our redaction department ensures that customers quickly get to the core of laws and regulations (the requirement). Martijn, team leader of the redaction department, likes to explain how we convert (often complicated) legislation into jargon-free language.

Pharius launches the Auditmanager

Today is the day: Pharius has launched its new Auditmanager. A module that enables you to be ready for an audit anytime and anywhere. Thierry De Vos, the Business Unit Manager at Lexerta gladly explains why this module is a gamechanger in the field of audit management and answers frequently asked questions.

New in Pharius: the Audit Manager

Bram Runhaar is Product Owner for Pharius and deals among other things with product development. Pharius will soon launch a new module: the Audit Manager, in which he is closely involved. We asked Bram if he could give an advance look at this new module and answer frequently asked questions.