Today is the day: Pharius has launched its new Auditmanager. A module that enables you to be ready for an audit anytime and anywhere. Thierry De Vos, the Business Unit Manager at Lexerta gladly explains why this module is a gamechanger in the field of audit management and answers frequently asked questions.

What makes the Pharius Auditmanager so special?

”The Pharius Auditmanager has been developed to help companies integrate legal requirements within their business processes. Whether for internal audits, audits for management, authorities or external auditors; our Auditmanager provides the flexibility to achieve the most effective audit results. This helps an organisation comply with laws and regulations.

But it is also essential for building trust and transparency with stakeholders. Both internally and externally. More and more partners are demanding that you, as a company, get your act together. It is often a requirement to cooperate (internationally)”.

Do you have a practical example?

”Of course. Imagine a company is working on ISO 9001, 14001 or 45001 certification. With Auditmanager, you can then streamline and document the audit process. This helps demonstrate compliance with these standards. Already, you can use our ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 questionnaires. This provides a standardised approach and saves time when preparing audits. Organisations can also add their own customised questionnaires, giving them the flexibility to address specific areas of concern”.


”I am convinced that this module will help organisations optimise audit processes and take compliance to the next level”.

How does the ’Check Questions’ module work and how does it improve audit processes?

”In 2024, we will thereby launch the complete module ‘Check Questions’. This will give you an even broader range of standard questionnaires with which you can check your environmental register or do an extra check on the topics of well-being at work and safety. We are also adding a reporting function. This gives you a complete audit report that you can use to work with the results within your organisation.

“Together, this is a powerful tool that enables organisations to take their audit management to the next level.”

What benefits does Auditmanager offer the QHSE professional?

”First, the assurance of demonstrable compliance and the ability to seamlessly integrate audits into the PDCA cycle. Second, the always up-to-date check questions that guarantee a structured approach. Third, the ability to schedule and assign audits yourself, which automates the process and keeps organisations prepared for unexpected audits. In addition, in the future, our tool provides clear reports and dashboards for clear insight into results and progress”.

Don’t have a Pharius subscription yet?

The Auditmanager is exclusively for Pharius customers. You are not working with Pharius but you would like an online compliance tool? Contact us without obligation and try Pharius free of charge for 30 days.

Or feel free to contact Thierry

Thierry de Vos

Thierry de Vos

Business Unit Manager Lexerta Belgium