Release notes september 2023

At Lexerta, we base our developments mainly on the wishes and requirements of our customers and users.

Several times a year we release new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features

New structure for registers and compliance

From now on, registers and compliance themes are found together under the Compliance menu item. So your registers, compliance themes and associated changes and tasks are grouped under one menu item.


Loading large documents

For some large documents, it took a while for the document to appear on the screen. Loading speed is now greatly improved.

Displaying documents with strange symbols in the title

For some documents, the title was not displayed correctly in the register line summary or in the database viewer when strange symbols appeared in the title. This has now been adjusted so that these titles are also displayed correctly.

List of tasks for notifications and registers

The list of tasks for Notifications and Registers is now displayed directly in the Notifications screen or Compliance screen. Automatic navigation to the general tasks screen is therefore no longer necessary.

Adjusted import template audit questions

Due to changes to the audit module in last release, the import template for audit questions was no longer sufficient. Now it is possible to use the import template to also specify the type of question and for sub-questions to indicate when they should be shown.

Bug fixes


  • When creating a new audit starting from a template, the date selector was partially hidden under the main menu, this has been fixed.

Register / Compliance (NL)

  • The checkbox for the “Company-specific documents” filter option was not checked despite the filter being previously activated. This has been fixed.

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