New in Pharius: the Audit Manager

Bram Runhaar is Product Owner for Pharius and deals among other things with product development. Pharius will soon launch a new module: the Audit Manager, in which he is closely involved. We asked Bram if he could give an advance look at this new module and answer frequently asked questions.

The Pharius Audit Manager, what exactly can the QHSE professional do with it?

“In short, our customers can use this new module to carry out audits, such as for standards 14001 and 45001. But also compliance audits through which you check whether you actually comply with the obligations mentioned in the legislation listed in your register. You can perform the audit by using your own questions or by using the check questions we have developed”.

Why did you develop this module?

“Almost all our clients do audits, have to or at least want to check whether they comply with applicable standards. They do this in many ways. We see that Excel is often used, or results are shared through Pdfs. As a result, there is limited insight into past audits, audit planning into the future and what actions arise from the audits.

We are happy to meet these needs in a way that is easy to use for the lead auditor and auditors within the organisation. Both to perform the audit and also to monitor the corrective and preventive actions arising from non-conformities or any points of improvement from the audit.

Organising the audit process within Pharius has a central place. After all, you already manage your laws and regulations there and you demonstrate with the Compliance status how you comply with these regulations in themes. Next, we help you by being able to audit the obligations as a check question. This allows you to be even more demonstrably compliant as an organisation. And that makes the Audit Manager a logical continuation of the basis of Pharius: always be compliant”.

Can you give us a peek into the development of Audit Manager?

“We think it is important that our modules fit seamlessly into real-life situations. Therefore, when developing the AuditManager, we first mapped all the steps and then analysed how software can make those steps easier for our customers. This process is more complicated than it seems; there are many variables within this process. The mere fact that an audit is small in one organisation and large in another makes it complex. With this, we are developing a product that supports ALL our customers”.

How do you know that the Audit Manager can support all customers in the audit process?

“We intensively involved a group of customers in the development process. We call that group the ‘launching customers’. They have done several audits with the first version of Audit Manager. We developed that first version based on what we thought customers needed. Fortunately, with our experience in the QHSE world, that worked out well. We wanted to check whether our thoughts were correct, so we asked a group of customers what they thought of the Pharius Audit Manager and what they encountered.”

And what were the first reactions?

“Fortunately, we received mostly positive feedback. It’s nice to get confirmation that you have developed a product that really benefits customers. Of course, there were still some feedback points, especially in the area of user-friendliness. Useful feedback, which will allow us to ensure that this module will be easier and more fluent for our users before the official release”.

“With this, we are now marketing a product that allows our customers to demonstrate that their organisation is compliant. It is the check in a PDCA cycle. By using the Pharius Audit Manager, you create full insight into the extent to which you comply with the obligations of laws and regulations or ISO standards. This means you will never again be faced with surprises during an audit”.

Don’t have a Pharius subscription yet?

The Audit Manager is exclusively for Pharius customers. You are not working with Pharius but you would like an online compliance tool? Contact us without obligation and try Pharius free of charge for 30 days.

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