Release notes may 2023

The release policy of Lexerta is largely based on the wishes and requirements of our customers and users.

Several times a year we release new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Various new features for the audit module

Later this year, the Audit Manager module will be launched in Pharius. The module is already being tested and reviewed by a select group of customers and partners. Meanwhile, we are continuing development in full swing. In this release, the following additional features have been added:

  • Display progress when completing the audit;
  • Import functionality for questions to an audit template;
  • It is now possible to add sub-questions to a question;
  • Added search functionality for “Audits” and “Sent audits”;
  • A filter has been added to “sent audits” to allow filtering by auditor;
  • The ability to create corrective actions was added in the overview of answers.

New search function within tasks, notifications, themes and registers

The filter function of tasks and notifications has been extended with a search function, also in the overview of themes and registers the filter option is now visible. The new search function within the filter allows filtering by words appearing in name and description, in tasks and notifications the search also works for the task or notification report.


Creation date of tasks visible in overview and filters

The creation date of a task is now displayed in the task overview and the detail screen of a task. In the filters, the creation date was also added so you can easily see which tasks were created for a certain period.

Modification of name fields Task responsible and Task holder

The terms Task Responsible and Task Holder were not always clear. The names of these fields on a task is therefore modified:

  • ‘Task Responsible’ becomes ‘Owner’, by default this is the user who creates the task;
  • ‘Task Holder’ becomes ‘Assigned to’, here the executors of the task are indicated.

Filter by theme in register

The existing filter ‘Theme linked’ within a register is extended. It is now possible to filter lines in the register on 1 or more specific themes or to filter on lines that are not yet linked to a theme.

PDF viewer in database (NL)

When opening a pdf in the database, the pdf was opened outside Pharius, with this new pdf viewer viewer, newly added documents can now be opened within Pharius.

Azure AD extension for username different from email address

Azure AD allows many organisations to have users log in through their Microsoft account. Besides convenience, this also ensures that security can be managed centrally. It is now also possible for organisations to use Azure AD if the username in Azure AD is not the same as the user’s email address.

Bug fixes

Compliance / Register

  • The ‘Lines without theme’ and ‘Lines added’ links in the Register tile on the dashboard work properly again.
  • For registers with many extra columns or on smaller screens, the save button is from now on always immediately visible.
  • New changes to be assessed will be created again in Belgium for Codex on well-being at work – VI.3. Asbestos.
  • The version comparator for customers in the Netherlands works again.
  • The link from register to database for a reference in the legislation is active again for NL customers.


  • For a repeating task, the task owner now remains visible after completion.
  • Reminder mails of tasks are now sent correctly, even if several persons are assigned to the task.
  • When exporting tasks, all tasks are now included in the Excel files, without limitation to the first 500 tasks.


  • Thumbnails of images are displayed again in notifications.

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