”2023 will be the year in which we will build the Pharius foundation for the future. A highly modernised basis that is ready for the future. One that meets our customers’ needs and makes it easier for them to see at a glance whether they comply with all legislation. Are the internal processes in place? Is the organisation ready for an audit? Of course, we do not forget our partners in the process. So that they can support their customers even better in the future”.

Bram Runhaar, Product Owner for Pharius explains exactly how he, together with the rest of the team, will do that. With this, he gives you a glimpse of some of the developments you can expect from us in the first half of 2023.

A new editorial platform and advisor environment

Behind the scenes we will be building a new data house in 2023 that will make us ready for a new future. Specifically, this means that we will redesign our editorial platform and renew the advisor environment.

Editorial platform

As you have come to expect from us, our editorial team will of course continue to manage legislative and regulatory content for you. We will significantly simplify this process in the coming months, allowing the editors to focus even more on adding value to the content. All to make things even easier for you.

New advisor environment

In 2023, we are also changing the signalling process, in a new advisor environment. Simplifying this process will enable partners to support their clients even better in making the law applicable in practical terms. After all, that’s what we do.


Last year, we created several dashboards that provide insight into risk notifications, compliance status and task handling in Pharius. Next year you can expect even more dashboards, which will also provide insight into your register, changes to be assessed and audits.

Audit Manager

In 2023, we will also present our new module Auditmanager. This module allows you to set up an audit planning and assign audits to colleagues. In doing so, the Audit Manager specifies a scope, the timeframe within which the audit should be performed, specific areas of focus and more.

Together with the Check Questions module, which we will launch in 2023 the audit can be pre-filled with sets of questions. Moreover, within the Audit Manager, check questions can be added specifically for ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001, among others.

The Environment and Planning Act migration tool

For a long time, it seemed that the 1st of January 2023 would be the date of entry into force of the Environment and Planning Act. Much is still uncertain but one thing we do know: the implementation will have a great impact on our customers’ environmental registers. That is why we started developing the Migration Tool for the Environment and Planning Act in 2022. In 2023, we will continue to monitor closely the actual changes for you and optimise our tool where necessary. So that you will have immediatelly a correct register again.

Of course, this is not the only thing we will be busy with in the coming months. Topics such as a logging function, permissions and roles and design are also on our schedule.

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