Release notes december 2022

The release policy of Lexerta is largely based on the wishes and requirements of our customers and users.

Several times a year we release new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Multiple task holders

As for notifications, for tasks it is now also possible to add multiple task holders allowing multiple people to complete actions together.

Tasks dashboard

The task dashboard with extensive filter and search options has been added to Pharius, allowing you to see all actions at a glance.


Improved changes to be assessed screen

The changes to be assessed screen was modified so that the “Save” button and “Add to register” (BE) are directly visible.

Open tasks indicator

Various overviews now show whether there are still open tasks attached. This makes it immediately clear which actions still need to be taken. This improvement is available for register line, changes to be assessed and notifications.

Version comparator also for future changes (NL)

It is now also possible for Dutch customers to compare future versions of a law fragment (if available) with the current one in the version comparer.

Register line creation date

The date on which a register line was added to a register is now shown on the details screen of the register line. In filters within a register, it is also possible to filter by this creation date.

Bug fixes


  • When opening the screen to set compliance, depending on the screen size, the save and cancel buttons could not be displayed, this has been fixed.

Azure AD

  • A user logging in with Azure AD for the first time was not automatically activated in Pharius, this has been fixed.

Dashboard Pharius

  • The indicator tasks completed did not give a result when filtering on a particular register, this has been fixed.

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