Sanha Fittings migrates to Pharius

After Wolters Kluwer Belgium decided to discontinue its product Verifield on the Belgian market at the end of 2020, Lexerta Belgium and Wolters Kluwer started a partnership early 2021 to offer Pharius to clients as an alternative for Verifield. Pharius uses the legal data in senTRAL, Wolters Kluwer’s legal database in Belgium. After a number of technical and functional adjustments in Pharius, the actual migration of customers could start in October 2021.

A few months after the migration of SANHA fittings Ternat, we visited them to find out about their experiences with the decision to migrate, the implementation and the use of Pharius.

Sahna Fittings Ternat

SANHA is a traditional German family business that has been active for 50 years.  It is one of the leading European manufacturers of pipe systems for heating, sanitation, cooling and industrial installations, with a range of more than 10,000 articles. Since the beginning of this century, SANHA fittings also has a production site in Ternat near Brussels.

Important in the business spirit of SANHA is that they do business in a responsible, sustainable and fair way. Sustainability means responsibility towards employees, customers and the environment. SANHA has been imposing these values for many years and consistently implements them in its business decisions.  These business decisions earned them the ISO 50 001 (energy management) and ISO 9 001 (quality management) certificate.

“The biggest advantage over Verifield is that with every law a link can be made to the evidence in SharePoint.”

The energy challenges of SANHA

The SANHA fittings building in Ternat was built around the 1970s and has a site of 10,000 m2. With their 3.6 GW annual energy consumption, they are “heavy users”. Therefore, they seek energy improvements where possible: 55% of their consumption is covered by solar panels, quick-wins were implemented and one continues to look for improvements.

SANHA expects that legislation will impose stricter standards on the industry in order to achieve their climate targets.

Thanks to Pharius, Geoffrey is immediately informed of these changes. Every change is clearly communicated, you can easily see what exactly has changed and determine the impact on your organisation and what this means for the legal compliance of each law.

Working with Pharius

Back in the days of Verifield, Geoffrey was already very satisfied with the people and the functionalities of Verifield. When Pharius was introduced by Lexerta as a worthy replacement and he found the same people in this organisation, there was no hesitation to switch to Pharius.

“I actually find it easier than Verifield. Of course, you don’t want to be busy with legislation all day.”

It was important that the migration would go smoothly. The migration took place a few months before the ISO 50.001 audit.  So for Geoffrey it was a tricky point that all data was transferred to Pharius correctly and clearly. The legislation was divided into the themes of energy, environment and safety, so that all obligations could be easily traced in Pharius.  Afterwards an additional training was given, whereby all possibilities and functionalities were clearly transferred and Pharius was immediately optimally usable. Thus, proving compliance went smoothly during the audit.

Geoffrey Van Mulders

Geoffrey Van Mulders

Geoffrey Van Mulders has been working as a technical manager at SANHA since 2014. He has a master’s degree in industrial engineering in electromechanics. Besides his job as technical manager, Geoffrey is also the Energy Specialist at SANHA. As technical manager, he is close to the source and has the opportunity to reduce the final energy consumption in the use phase. The best part of his job is the variety.

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Curious about what Pharius can do for your audit or ISO certification? Please contact Thierry. He is happy to talk to you.

Thierry de Vos

Thierry de Vos

Business Unit Manager Lexerta Belgium