Release notes 2022-07

The release policy of Lexerta is largely based on the wishes and requirements of our customers and users.

Several times a year we release new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Audit Manager (BE)

We will be releasing the first version of an entirely new audit tool. This Audit Manager module gives the organisation the possibility to plan and execute audits within the organisation. For this, the organisation can add its own questionnaires or use check questions that are included in Pharius (based on ISO 14001/45001/22000 standards and also legislation and regulations per article).
Audit findings can be set out and followed up as a corrective task. In the coming quarter we will make the first version available for Belgium. Later this year, this will also become available for the Netherlands.

New Compliance Dashboard (BE) – as of August

For our customers in the Pharius Belgium environment, a completely new dashboard will be available which will show the “performance” of the organisation in terms of compliance. This feature will also be available in the Netherlands in a later release. The compliance dashboard works on the basis of the entered compliance statuses in the themes

Manage locations in Notifications

The ‘Organization Manager’, is the only person who has the possibility to manage the locations in Pharius. From now on, (multiple) ‘Notification holders’ can be linked to these locations. In this way, a notification made via RiskReporter is sent directly to the responsible person(s) of a location. You can also distinguish per location who gets the notification for certain categories.

Manage e-mail and notifications yourself

As a user you can now decide which emails you want to receive and which you do not. This way you can keep control over the type of emails you receive so that they are always relevant to you.


  • We now also show the creation date of a task
  • Assess changes more easily
    We’ve made it easier to review changes from the change overview. Do you know what to do with a change from its title? You can use the badge to instantly change the status of the change.
  • Block sender in notifications
    We’ve added the option to block email addresses from receiving notifications. If you don’t want to receive notifications from a certain email address anymore, the organisation administrator can blacklist this email address.
  • Improved mail layout
    We have clarified the emails that are sent when assigning tasks and notifications. This way, you have more relevant information at the (first) review.
  • Core  of the requirement directly at search (NL)
    In the Dutch database, we also immediately show the Core of the requirement of the document after a search.
  • Better relevance when filtering in registers and themes (BE)
    In Belgian registries and themes, we have made the topic/sub-topic conditional in the filter. If you select a topic, only the related sub-topics are shown.

Bug fixes

  • On company level, sometimes a Dutch change to assess was not completed when it should have been. This has been corrected.
  • When you opened the Pharius database in two windows and used the version comparator in both, it did not work. This has been corrected.
  • In the compliance status there is an option to edit a register line. This did not work, so this has been corrected.

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