Pharius continues to evolve

Together we’re making Pharius even stronger and smarter.

Pharius will continue to improve. We periodically implement releases in which we add these technical developments and improvements to Pharius. They involve improvements in existing functionalities, bug fixes and entirely new functionalities that make Pharius even better for our customers.

We outline the new functionalities and planned improvements in a roadmap. It illustrates where we want to go with Pharius. Functionalities are only released after extensive testing and when they work virtually perfectly. For that reason, it’s very difficult to be able to indicate when which functionality can be released. However, we try here to give a rough estimate for this, subject to change. No rights can be derived from the overview below.

Expected launch
A new app within the Pharius family. Reporting risks in your organization has never been easier. Download the app, take a picture of a potential risk and simply send it to the person responsible for it.

Application language in English
English speaking colleagues at the office? Soon they can use Pharius in English!

Single Sign on (Azure AD) – signing in with your MS account
We created the option to link Pharius to your Microsoft account. This makes logging in even easier. It allows you to login to Pharius directly from your Microsoft environment. Convenient and secure.

Compliance Status – Phase 2
With the release of compliance status, an organisation gains insight into how compliant it is. In phase 2…. Within themes (previously known as assurances), can be indicated how compliant an organisation is with the prevailing legislation and regulations. This can be done at once for an entire theme, but it is also possible to do this per register line.

Audit Manager module
Our audit tool enables you to prepare for an audit on the basis of check questions. This way, you can be sure that you are ready for a real audit.

Environmental code tool  NL
One of the biggest changes in legislation and regulations is now really close. The Environmental Act and related laws are expected to come into effect on July 1, 2022. In Pharius we are ready. By means of a tool specially developed for this purpose, we help customers to make the transition in their registers from all laws to the new legislation in the environmental law!
Q2 2023
Module Check Questions
In the Pharius databases the audit questions are linked to the legislation. These audit questions clarify what is prescribed in the legislation (with reference to the relevant article). For example “the organisation has established a safety management plan” and “the distance between the warehouse and the boundary of the parcel is at least 50 metres”.
Q4 2022
We are going to record changes on different places in Pharius. Who, for example, last updated the register? When was a task completed? And who wrote the impact analysis of a change? We log it in Pharius and make it transparent.
Q2 2023
Delete and archive
We will create more options for deletion and archiving in Pharius. This fits in seamlessly with the expansion of our rights structure and gives much more flexibility in maintenance and management of the application.
Q3 2023
Reporting & Dashboards Module
From a general dashboard now, we are growing in a year to several specific dashboards that are included with the various modules. Interactive reports give you a clear and unambiguous overview of your register and compliance. Overarching or in detail, as you wish. Ideal for use during an audit or to support management.

User rights – extension
There are many new developments and expansions. Each time, it will be necessary to assess who is allowed to use them and how. The expansion of the rights structure is therefore in continuous development.
Q1-Q4 2022
Online help
The many new developments and different types of subscription have led us to revise our helpdesk. Clearer, more accessible and more user-friendly.
Q4 2022
Application language in French
Pharius will soon be available on the Belgian market. That is why we make sure that Pharius is also available in French.

User authorisation structure
Organizations have multiple locations that manage their own compliance in Pharius. Handy if you only see the registry of your own location, and not those of other locations. Soon it will be configurable for users to view, edit, export, handle changes and manage a registry.

RiskReporter – Connection to Pharius
The RiskReporter app can be used as a standalone app. It will soon be possible to receive reports of risks in Pharius, to link tasks to this and to follow up on a report. Have you completed the notification? The reporter will then receive feedback in the RiskReporter.

Pharius – Connection to senTRAL
It will soon be possible to create registers with Belgian legislation and regulations. Through a unique collaboration with senTRAL from Wolters Kluwer Belgium, it is possible to register and manage compliance for Belgian organizations in Pharius.

Availability of standards in the Databank makes it possible to include relevant standards in the register.

Exporting your register to Excel? That can be handy.

Assessing relevant changes
When handling changes relevant for you, you can also directly select a field.

Task management
Various improvements in creation and handling of tasks (copying tasks, transferring tasks from inactive users, and more).

Filter options
Various improvements in the filter function in the register (multiple filters, wildcard characters in filters).

Reporting function
Ability to generate reports (print and download) of changes in laws and regulations.

User management
Create users yourself, make them inactive temporarily or delete them. User management is a part of the Authorisation structure to be released in November.

Authorisation structure
Determine who can do what in Pharius on the basis of roles and authorisations.

Food safety
Setting up a separate databank with laws and regulations in the area of food safety.


We want to add functionalities to Pharius that users are really waiting for. It’s essential in this to receive feedback. So we will periodically ask you to give your feedback in Pharius. A few minutes of your time can make a big difference in the future developments of Pharius, and so in your ease of use!

If you have feedback or ideas that you would like to communicate now, we would of course appreciate that very much. Let us know via our contact form or contact us at +31 85 0430 130.

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