Release Notes October 28, 2021

The release policy of Lexerta is largely based on the wishes and requirements of our customers and users.

Several times a year we release new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Link tasks to review changes

It is now possible to LINK TASKS to a REVIEW CHANGE. We are pleased that this much-requested functionality is now available to our customers. This makes it even easier to INVOLVE your COLLEAGUES when reviewing a CHANGE or taking action on changing legislation.

Linking tasks to a register entry

Customers with a Pharius Compliance subscription can now link TASKS to REGISTER REGULATIONS. A new feature that ensures that ACTIONS in the organisation can be DISABLED from the validation as well as from a register regulation.


Once all changes at register level have been completed, then the change at company level is also completed

CHANGES WILL BE REVIEWED per register on a regular basis. After all, per register there may be a difference in the IMPACT of the change or WHO should or is allowed to carry out this review. As a result, it often happens that an organisation has reviewed changes, but a change at the company level remains open. This also creates the impression from the dashboard that the necessary actions have not been taken, while they have in fact already been completed.

So, from now on, we make sure that when a change is completed in all registers, the change is automatically completed at company level. If you want this also for your organization. Please, contact us!

Various improvements (RiskReporter) Notifications in Pharius

  • With the arrival of RISKREPORTER, there are new customer organisations that opt for the Pharius RiskReporter subscription only. In order to be able to offer this, it is now possible to use Pharius exclusively for RiskReporter reports and the associated tasks.
  • If a NOTIFICATION from RiskReporter is assigned to a NOTIFICATION HOLDER, that person will immediately receive an e-mail NOTIFICATION.
  • The LINK between a NOTIFICATION and a TASK is also displayed with the task.
  • ABOVE LOCATIONS are now also shown in Pharius with a notification.
  • PRIORITY‘ has changed to ‘RISK LEVEL‘ in notifications.

Additional information at REGISTER management

In REGISTER MANAGEMENT, settings can be changed under ‘FIELDS‘ and ‘OVERVIEW‘. Because there was some confusion here, a short EXPLANATION has been written here. This makes it immediately clear which management options are available.

Fragments of CODEX have news releases

From most BELGIAN LEGISLATION, only the complete document can be added to a register, but individual fragments of the CODEX can be included in the register here. There were no NEWS RELEASES here before. From now on we will show the CODEX news releases with each fragment.

Bug fixes

  • When trying to EXPORT after FILTERING in a Belgian register, it failed. This issue has been RESOLVED.
  • NUMBERS in the Belgian dashboard show the CORRECT information.
  • There were Dutch NEWS RELEASES among the French news releases. This issue has been RESOLVED.

If you have any questions regarding this release note, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Also check our online helpdesk.

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