Release notes February 2022

The release policy of Lexerta is largely based on the wishes and requirements of our customers and users.

Several times a year we release new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Filter options when adding register lines to a theme have been extended.

When adding REGISTER LINES to a theme, the FILTER OPTIONS have been extended. These options are now equal to the FILTER OPTIONS available within the register. Also, if an administrator turns off a custom field for the register, the filter option for that field will no longer be visible.

Pharius in English

From now on it is possible to use PHARIUS also in ENGLISH. With this, we created the possibility for Dutch-, French- and English-speaking colleagues to WORK TOGETHER in order to be DEMONSTRABLY COMPLIANT as an organisation. Each user can change their language under ‘my account’. However, the LEGISLATIVE TEXTS are only available in the language(s) in which they were originally provided.


From now on, a link can also be opened in edit mode

If you add a LINK to a TEXT in Pharius, naturally this link can be edited and deleted in edit mode. We now added the option to also OPEN the link from within edit mode.

Indication of Attachments for Tasks and Notifications

As of this release, you can see at a glance whether a TASK or NOTIFICATION has an ATTACHMENT. When you see a PAPERCLIP the task contains one or more attachments. Handy, right?


  • Recently we made it possible to LINK TASKS to a register line. However, these tasks were not yet included in the COUNTERS you find in several places in the application. This has been fixed.
  • IMAGES (of tables) were not DISPLAYED in the changes to be assessed (NL), this has been fixed.
  • The ORDER of the CHAPTERS of the VLAREM (BE) was mixed up. This has been fixed.
  • If a REGISTER LINE with a linked TASK was deleted an ERROR message was displayed. This has been fixed.

Regular maintenance

Various major maintenance work has been done on the application, to make sure we are up to date for the upcoming year!

If you have any questions regarding this release note, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Also check our online helpdesk.

Pharius has been developed from user’s perspective. However, this does not mean everything is completely self-evident for everyone. That is why we offer you support in various ways to enable you to work optimally with Pharius.

With the Pharius Online Guide we provide you with access to many answers of user questions. If you can’t find your answer here, you can also reach us by mail, chat or by phone.